Poulsen Roser A/S

The cooperation with Poulsen Roser is our long term project. Its the guarantee for our future and therefore our client’s.

This Danish rose breeder is producing the most beautifull rose varieties for indoor and outdoor use. Since we believe in the beauty and ever lasting love for roses we think that we can supply you the cuttings to grow these varieties yourself. Its something new and its something that will slowly become the standard for pot rose producers. Thats our mission.
Forget the grafted, bare rooted culture of growing roses. Poulsen has the best varieties that can be produced on their own roots. Hardy, bushy and fast growing plants is the result of their breeding. Together with Nolina Kwekerijen BV we developed the perfect size cutting for you. More information about the young plants of roses can be found on our potplant page or on the websites of Poulsen and Nolina.