Zantedeschia or Calla is a special cut flower and pot plant. It is grown from a tuber. The most important aspect of the tuber is the quality. It is an expensive and delicate product.

If the quality is good, our clients will be happy, if the quality fails it will be a big problem for all of us. Therefore we work with Sande BV. It is as simple as that.
This specialist in calla breeding never disappointed us. The quality of the tubers improved so much over the last years that we almost didn’t loose a bulb in the last 3 years. Where virus and erwinia has been the main problem for calla growers till 5 years ago, we are now facing shortages in supply!
So, we see a great future for these beautifull varieties. Search for your choice on our calla pages or on the Sande website and send us your comment!